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The Ultimate Arcade Machine Story

Ultimate Arcade Machines is a family-based business operating from the Gold Coast which was born from a passion for gaming and the desire to bring a modern day look and feel to the retro-based games of yesteryear.

Each time we design an arcade machine we’re thinking about how we can use today’s technology to modernise and improve retro-based games and offer these in modern-day arcade cabinets. Our designers have very creative and clear visions of what the end results will look like, so you won’t be surprised to see that although are arcade machines are somewhat like the standard arcade machines of today’s world, they also have a twist of arcade machines of years gone by.

Our most popular product is the Ultimate Deck which is a portable arcade machine that can be used simply by connecting it to your TV or monitor at home, work, or at your mate’s place!

Another product we’ve developed which is picking up steam is the 2 in 1 Ultimate Arcade Machine. This machine allows you to play with a mate on a full-size stand-up arcade in your home bar or man cave but also comes with the convenience of a detachable deck you can take to your friend’s party, play and bring it back home with you and lock it into your stand up arcade.

All our cabinets can be custom made to fulfil your dream theme or you can choose a theme from the wide range we have available.

Ultimate Arcade Machines is also your one-stop shop for all your arcade needs. Whether you are looking for arcade joysticks, arcade buttons, daisy chains, coin acceptors, speakers and more, we’re likely to have it available. We also have Australia’s best and easiest Flat Pack Arcades available in stand up, sit down, or portable machines, if you wanted to try your hand at building your own arcade machine.

Don’t forget to have a look at our YouTube channel where you’ll find a number of videos of us constructing arcade machines, how-to-videos and general arcade information.

Happy gaming!


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