Renting an Arcade

Renting our Arcade Machines

Renting our Arcade Machines

Ultimate Arcade Machines not only build the best retro gaming arcade machine, we also rent them out. So, if you’re having a party and don’t want to commit to buying an arcade machine you can just rent one from us and give it back at the end of your party or weekend.


If you’re having a retro-themed party and want it to feel the way it used to be, renting one of our arcade machines might just help you get that 80’s feeling.

 Maybe you’re having a kid’s 6th birthday party and would like to rent a very cool Minion themed arcade machine.

Boys Weekends

Let’s be honest, when it comes to men and having a boys’ weekend, men act like kids. Yes, that’s right, we love our gaming and that’s what we get up to when we have a great weekend planned. Give us a call today and organise to rent one of our themed arcade machines to enjoy with the boys.