2 in 1 Ultimate Arcade Machine

$2,700.00 Inc. GST

Australia’s first ever 2 in 1 Ultimate Arcade Machine!

The 2 in 1 Ultimate Arcade is both a stand up 2 player arcade machine, perfect for your man cave, and a portable arcade machine which you can take with you to your mate’s place and hook up to a TV or monitor.

Comprising of the stand up cabinet which houses the screen, speakers and marquee, etc. and our Ultimate Deck featuring a complimentary 15,000+ Retro Arcade games package including Kodi.

Our 2 in 1 Ultimate Arcade Machine is Australian made using CNC cut 16mm black laminate MDF panels.

Build time (usually within 2 to 4 weeks + shipping).

Choose from a standard machine or customise your own.



Standard Ultimate Deck machines come with:

– Theme – choose from our range or tell us your dream theme and we’ll design it for you.

– High quality printed graphics with heavy duty laminate for prolonged life.

– Happ style baton joysticks.

– Illuminated arcade buttons.

– T-Moulding trim.

– 128g UAM complimentary retro arcade package inclusive of 15,000+ games.

– Zero delay USB encoders.

– Raspberry Pi 3b+ computer.

– 1 x HDMI port for plugging into any TV screen or monitor.

– 1 x IEC 10amp Power Cable

– 1 x 1m HDMI cable.

– 2 x USB ports for extra controllers.

Customised Ultimate Deck machines come with all the features of a standard machine and can be upgraded as follows:

– Sanwa ball joysticks (choose from our colour range) – Add $66.00.

– Sanwa arcade buttons (choose from our colour range) – Add $35.00.

– 1TB SSD Raspberry Pi 4 4G computer (Now Available) – Add $300.00.

To enquire about a customised machine click here.

Machine dimensions – W680mm (over the control panel) x D300mm x H120mm.

2 Player Stand Up cabinets come with:

– Theme matching the theme of the Ultimate Deck.

– High-quality printed graphics with heavy-duty laminate for prolonged life.

– 27” gaming monitor.

– Lockable front door with soft close hinges.

– Built in cabinet.

– Removable rear door for easy access to all parts and power.

– Solid 200mm castor wheels and custom handle holes for easy transfer from one place to another or upstairs.

– Light up marquee with internal on/off switch.

Machine dimensions – W680mm (over the control panel) x D620mm x H1700mm.


What can I add or use with my Ultimate Deck?

Some of the devices which can be connected to your Ultimate Deck are:

– A game controller such as a PS4 or Xbox controller via USB or Bluetooth (these controllers are advisable for some games, however, please note that some controllers may require you to use a USB dongle).

– A keyboard via USB.

– A mouse via USB.

– A powered USB hub.

– Bluetooth controllers such as 8BitDo or WiiMotes.

– Bluetooth speakers.

– Plug-in headphones via the 3.5mm headphone jack or speakers. (Please note you may need to change settings in Retropie).

For a complete list of devices that can be connected to your Ultimate Deck, please refer to your instruction booklet

What can I add or use with my 2 Player Stand Up cabinet?

You can add a PS4 or Xbox console via HDMI (either via the rear door or speak with us about adding a HDMI to the cabinet).

What can I store in the cabinet of my 2 Player Stand Up?

There is ample space in the cabinet for a small bar fridge or extra gaming consoles and controllers.

Will I need to set up my arcade buttons or controllers?

Your Ultimate Deck will come with the arcade buttons and arcade stick up and running. If you need to add a different controller such as a PS4 or Xbox controller, look at our YouTube channel to see how they can be connected.

Can I change any settings?

We don’t recommend you change any of the settings we have set up for you. You can, however, turn the background music on and off and change aspect ratios of emulators, etc. If you want to change a setting, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

Is it possible to change the look and feel of my system?

Our Ultimate Deck comes with a number of different menus and a particular style. We have, however, preloaded extra themes so you choose something else. To access these, navigate to the SYSTEM menu, go to UI SETTINGS>THEMES and choose a different style. Choose the new THEME by pressing A, then press B for Back and then go to QUIT restart EmulationStation. Your new theme should then be displayed.

Can I play movies on my Ultimate Deck?

Yes, you can! Just place a USB stick with your movie or music and play via Kodi (this has been pre-installed). Your movie or music should now play on your TV if it is connected via HDMI. Music can also be played via a speaker connected to the headphone jack or directly paired to Bluetooth speakers.

Can I connect to the internet, and should I do this?

You can connect your Ultimate Deck or Raspberry Pi 3b+ to the internet because it has built-in Wi-Fi, however, we don’t recommend that you do so. The reason is if you accidentally update your Raspberry Pi 3b+ and the image on your Ultimate Deck doesn’t communicate with the update then you won’t be able to play your Ultimate Deck anymore. Please note that if this happens, we can fix this for you, however, this will incur a fee for the time it takes us to restore your deck back to the original settings.

Is my 2in1 Ultimate Arcade Machine covered by warranty?

Yes, all parts of your 2in1 Ultimate Arcade Machine are covered by a 12 month warranty. Please see our Shipping, Returns and Disclaimer page for further details.

Please note that wear and tear are not covered by warranty and that Retropie/software is also not covered by warranty as it’s complimentary. If you accidentally damage the Retropie/software card a small fee will be incurred for us to re-flash the card.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 180 cm

Batman Arkham Knight, Street Fighter, Minions, Atari, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Galaga, Mortal Kombat, TMNT


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